The Community

Your Rights

By law, hearing dogs and their owners must be given access to every public place that people without dogs can go, with only a few special exclusions such as burns units in hospitals. Severe penalties, in some states up to $50,000, can apply to anyone who denies access to a hearing dog.

Your Responsibilities

Dog owners must carry an identification card that proves that their dog is a genuine hearing dog. If you’re in doubt, you should ask to see the card. Others may are welcome to ring us to confirm the dog’s authenticity.

Additional certification rules apply in Queensland. If you live in or are visiting Queensland you should contact our training centre to ensure you meet the requirements.

It is also an offence to attempt to pass a pet dog off as a hearing dog.

Relevant Legislation

Refer to the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 for more information on the legislation applying to hearing dogs in Australia.

Toni - Lions Hearing Dog
Toni - Lions Hearing Dog