About Australian Lions Hearing Dogs

One in six Australians have some form of hearing loss with this number expected to rise to one in four by 2050. This number is greatly increased in older Australians. The technological advances with hearing aids and cochlear implants continue to improve with each passing day, however there are times when something else is needed. This is where a Lions Hearing Dog helps!

From the hard of hearing person who takes their aid off at night to the profoundly deaf person where no aids help, many Australians live at risk when they can’t hear sounds such as the knock at the door, a telephone or, most seriously, a smoke alarm.

Since 1982 Lions Hearing Dogs have provided a set of “furry ears” to hundreds of Australians, all possible from the ongoing support of Lions Clubs across Australia.
Each Lions Hearing Dog costs upwards of $30,000 to train and deliver, free of charge, to its deaf or hard of hearing owner.

The Australian Lions Hearing Dogs National Headquarters in the Adelaide Hills is the only accredited Training Centre in Australia, with the program being accredited by Assistance Dogs International.

To continue providing this service to deaf and hard of hearing Australians we need your support!

Our Staff & Volunteers

At present we employ seven full time staff and one part time trainer at our Training Centre.

The staff consists of a Kennel Manager who looks after the kennel area, washes, feeds and cares for the animal’s daily needs. Two part time Kennel Hands are employed to fulfill these roles during the weekend.

We currently have five full time Trainers which includes a Training Coordinator who supervises the training program. The Trainers source, train and deliver the dogs across Australia and complete administrative duties associated with the tasks.

In addition to these duties, all staff have a public relations role which includes promoting awareness of the roles and rights of Australian Lions Hearing Dogs and program itself. This includes demonstrations and tours of the facilities, out talks and expos/conventions.

About 90% of all dogs in training are sourced from pounds and shelters, mainly the Animal Welfare League and RSPCA in South Australia, Dogs Homes of Tasmania in Hobart and a wide reaching rescue organization called Yorke Peninsula Puppy Rescue.