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  1. Male narrator: Every sixteen days in australia the hearing impaired person receives a gift of sound from a Lions Hearing Dog.
  2. (Scenes showing four different owners with their hearing dogs)
  3. 1st female owner Having a hearing dog has been fantastic, it has changed my life.
  4. Male narrator: These are ordinary dogs with extraordinary skills.
  5. (1st female owner walking with hearing dog)
  6. Male owner: Lottie helps me by answering - well not answering the phone but coming and tapping me on the leg to take me to the phone.
  7. (Lottie shown alerting her male owner to the sound of a timer he has set for the kettle boiling)
  8. She helps me with the cooking - I'm a dreadful cook but she taps me on the leg when the oven timer goes so I don't have a cremation.
  9. Male narrator: Dogs that can change a life.
  10. 2nd female owner: Just his companionship, I just feel so secure and I know he's there all the time. He's just made such an enormous impact in my life.
  11. (2nd female owner in a park and crossing the road with her dog)
  12. Male narrator: Dogs that bring joy and security to their owners.
  13. 3rd female owner: I live alone and she makes me feel I'm safe here and for security, which is good.
  14. (Hearing dog alerting 3rd female owner to the sound of a timer she has set for her dinner in the oven)
  15. (Shot of closing graphic saying Lions Hearing Dogs Inc. Australia PNG with tagline 'The Gift of Sound'™)