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Gone is the fear and anxiety. Jenny's hearing dog is her ever-vigilant eavesdropper, protector and warning device.

Make a cash donation

Any amount, no matter how small, contributes to helping us tranform the lives of people with hearing impairment.

For example, $5 buys a squeaky toy or bag of treats. $10 buys a month’s worth of flea and heartworm treatment for one dog. $30 buys food for a medium sized dog for a month. $300 buys a hip x-ray to determine whether a dog has hip dysplasia.

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. You can donate money a number of different ways:

  • contact us¬†for our direct deposit into our bank account details;
  • sending a cheque to:

P.O. Box 164
South Australia 5245