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Ted several times saved the life of a young girl by alerting her carer when an alarm indicated a blocked feeding tube.

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Oliver The Super Rescue Dog

Just a short note to let you know all is well with Oliver, he has settled in well and is performing all his responsibilities.

On May the 13th I had a fire in the kitchen heater and Oliver did a great job—he got me out of bed and straight to the smoke detectors—both alarms were going off, one outside the bedroom the other outside the kitchen area.

Oliver was fantastic, and very pleased with himself, as I am with him.

The damage was confined to the kitchen walls and ceiling. I hate to think what would have happened if I didn’t have Oliver.

Bye for now,


Extract from Oliver and Peter’s Sponsoring Lions Club’s Report

As you will note from our assessment report, Peter’s smoke detector went off during the night due to a fault with his heater. Oliver jumped on the bed and pulled him by the arm (bruising same) in his efforts to wake him, which he (Oliver) did successfully.

As you could imagine, Peter was thrilled with his trusted friend’s efforts, and (Peter) couldn’t wait for me to get in the door to tell me of Oliver’s achievements.

‘A gift from the Gods and Lions Hearing Dogs’

It was love at first sight. One look into those intelligent brown eyes and I was gone. From him there was a definite eagerness and enthusiasm for getting to know me. There was much to assimilate after a confusing flight from one major city to another, a 2-hour car journey and greetings from strangers.

My two children had begged and cajoled me into allowing them the afternoon off school to meet him. Our home was bulging with unknown but friendly folk—members of the local Lions Club and two newspaper reporters.

After a week of learning each other’s habits, with the aid of one who had been his friend and teacher, we were finally free to become truly acquainted and to accustom ourselves to each other. He was soon one of the family.

Over the past months there has been an easing of fears and insecurities. Gone are the nights of waking in fright at half heard, or suspected noises. Absent is the anxiety of a stranger’s knock at the door. No more the incessant, unaware ringing of the telephone. He is my ever-vigilant eavesdropper, protector and warning device.

He is accepted into the circle of my friends and associates with ease and is quite well known around the town, quite a celebrity in fact. We’ve dined together at McDonalds, wandered through the shopping malls, browsed in Kmart and Target and walked literally miles. My employers have shown tolerance and understanding of my companion’s presence, and children and teachers look on him with trust and acceptance when we help out at the local school.

Rapidly diminishing confidence has slowly returned, with his help and loyalty. I no longer suffer an overwhelming sense of isolation. I always, now, have someone to talk to, though that often causes as much amusement as if I was talking to myself, as he’s not one for idle chitchat, especially when out and about.

His love is unconditional and his basic needs are easily and readily met. The few inconveniences, of his hair filling the vacuum cleaner and playful antagonism toward the two feline members of the family, are willingly tolerated. His affection, companionship and hearing ability, combined with a loyalty never before known, more than makes up for the occasional attempted escape to nab a cat.

Well, must go now, my faithful friend has one eye on the bright orange lead hanging on the door and the other fixing me with that come-hither gleam I find so hard to resist.

Time for our daily walk.