Applying for a dog

When Lyn collapses to the floor Mac knows to push the phone off the hook, which automatically calls an ambulance.

Which dog for me?

Finding the perfect match

Like people, all dogs are different. Hearing dogs come in different shapes and sizes and all have their own, special character. They are all dogs that have been selected from dog rescue organisations and show the sorts of characteristics needed to become a reliable hearing dog.

You cannot select their own dog, but we take great care in matching you with a suitable dog that meets as many of their requirements as possible. We consult with the applicant before a final decision is made.

In nearly all cases the match between dog and owner are very successful.

Lovable dropouts

We guaranteed to find a new life for all our dogs whether they pass the hearing dog training or not. There are no ‘failures’—but some dogs are just not suited to the special role they have to play as hearing dogs. We call these dogs lovable dropouts, and we soon find homes for them as much-loved (and very well trained) pets.