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Classroom sound system

Who benefits from a classroom sound system?

Front rowAll students benefit from a classroom sound system—however it has special benefits for children who are deaf or hearing impaired and for those who suffer from the various attention deficit disorders. Some comments from teachers.

“It is easier to keep noise levels down as all children can hear
and lower their noise level. I am not competing with them.”

“The biggest help/improvement I have seen is the ability of children to hear the teacher regardless (just about!) of what children are doing beside and around them. The distraction level is halved. Even noises from outside don’t affect the children inside the room as much.”

Increased on-task behaviour

Seventy-three percent of teachers noted increased on-task behaviour, with learners remaining on-task for longer periods. Off-task behaviour was reported as easier to address as the teacher used a friendly voice at a lower volume.

“Children remained on-task for longer periods when using the system
and it was easier to refocus when they went off-task.”

Why is it aimed at primary schools?

Primary school students use a ‘home’ class room where they spend most of their day. In secondary schools, students move from room to room. The equipment is not portable.

Why is it being offered by Lions Hearing Dogs?

The service we have provided for the last 28 years is suitable for adults only. We received a bequest which allowed us to expand our services to include provision of this equipment free of charge.

How do schools apply?

Simply contact your local Lions Club or make direct contact with our office. There will be a limited number of these units supplied each year and we will maintain a register of applications which will carry over to the following year. The equipment remains our property and the school will be asked to sign an agreement to maintain the equipment and advise our office if it is no longer required. We pay for the equipment and the installation costs.

Download an application form: